Christina Bakanec

Christina began her journey to becoming a birth doula after the birth of her first daughter. The education and support she received from her own birth doula was an integral part of her empowering birth experience. Her desire to learn about birth and to pass that knowledge on led Christina to take her doula training in 2012. Since then, she has taken numerous workshops expanding her skills and continues to find joy and fulfillment in this special profession. She feels incredibly blessed to serve women and families!

Christina is also a professional musician, piano and cello instructor, farmer's wife, mother to three beautiful girls and has begun midwifery studies. She is passionate about everything related to motherhood, health and education. 

She would be deeply honoured to offer you information, support, respect and love as you enter into the incredible journey of birth.





Sarah McCloskey

Sarah was inspired to enter birth work by her sister, whose journey into motherhood led her sister to becoming a birth doula. Hearing and seeing that birth does not have to be an traumatic event but can in fact be a positive and empowering event in a women's life inspired her to learn more about the process of birth and its lasting impact on our lives. She strongly believes that it's not just about having a healthy mom and baby but that the journey and process of getting there is of equal importance to the mother and baby dyad.

Sarah completed her birth doula training in 2013 and has continued to pursue education and workshops in areas such as neonatal resuscitation, prenatal health and nutrition, prenatal psychology, breastfeeding support and essential oils. Her passion for knowledge about birth has led her to pursue midwifery education to further her understanding and education in all areas of birth. 

In 2015 Sarah completed her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics at the University of Saskatchewan. She currently lives near Kerrobert SK where her husband works on a multigenerational farm. Sarah is the proud auntie to three beautiful nieces and is actively involved in their lives. 

She would be honoured to join you as a witness to your journey, providing compassionate support, love, experience and education during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.