How Much Water Should You Be Drinking?



There are few other things more essential to life. 

Did you know that up to 60% of your body is made of water?

Despite the fact that we literally can’t survive without it, how much thought do we really put into water?

If you’re like me most days, the answer is little to none. On a typical day as a mom of 3 kids, running two part time businesses and juggling multiple other responsibilities, at a certain point in the day I realize I’m very thirsty and haven’t had any water yet. I chug a glass or two and forget about it. Until I’m parched again a few hours later. Chug. Forget. Repeat. 

One of my absolute favourite parts of the Beautiful Body Cleanse was the challenge to drink water more mindfully. As soon as I began to be mindful about water, the obvious question arose:

How much should I be drinking?

If you Google ‘how much water should I drink’, you’ll find hydration calculators, health blogs, and government guides. The typical answer is ‘8 glasses of 8 ounces of fluid per day.’ This is just an average. It is important to take into account your age, activity level, environment, how much hydrating food you eat, if you’re breastfeeding or pregnant…etc. 

I’m an active, 28 year old who has been breastfeeding for 3 years straight. I also live in a very, very dry climate. Perhaps this is why the ‘8 glasses of water/day’ has never worked for me. I don’t stay on top of it and find myself trying to catch up in the evening, which is not what I call successful hydration.

Keeping a water bottle with me at all times also hasn’t been effective for me. I tend to leave it behind and forget all about it until I’m parched. 

Truthfully, the only successful way I have found to stay hydrated (thanks to the Beautiful Body Cleanse’s challenge to make mindful hydration of upmost importance) is…

(WARNING: TMI ahead) 






Yep. I said it.


It’s super simple.

I drink a glass of water when I first wake up and a glass before each meal. Then I follow these rules:

  1.  If my pee is yellow, I go directly to the kitchen and drink a glass or two.
  2. If it’s light yellow, I go directly to the kitchen and drink one glass.
  3. If it’s clear, well….MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I recognize that mindful hydration is different for everyone. This works SO well for me.

As a side note, I also discovered that I can drink a lot more if I drink warm water. Not hot, but a bit warmer than room temperature. It doesn’t feel as shocking to my body. 

What about you? What tricks do you use to stay hydrated? Do you drink cold/warm/hot water? I’d love to hear from you, comment below!

Wishing you a well-hydrated day!


Written By Christina Bakanec